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I purchased a couple v2 Pro Series 3, wax cart, loose leaf cart and several e liquid carts. Not one of these items works properly or as advertised. Customer service appears nice, but I have found they mostly tell you what you want to hear and prompty do nothing. They have lied to me on the phone, email and their public message boards.

It's a neat product, I really wanted to like it. Quick change carts, a loose leaf cart that actually works (Reviews speak glowingly, mine just did not work, DOA), wax attachments made this really appealing to me.

Unfortunately it just doesn't work. Their e juice carts leak, really bad, out of the air holes. I am using their juice as well, so dont know what to say there. Wax cart is faulty. They will not replace any leaky or DOA items, they state those are consumables. Wow, even DOA I get no help.

Then the charging matter of the device themselves. They worked great the first day, then they just don't charge. V2 acknowledges this issues and say they have a new charger for it. Unfortunately I have yet to see one. The first complaint they sent me updated chargers, turns out its for the series 7 and 9 and doesnt fit. I call them about this again, and said they would ship out. Never received. Warranty replace one device, they refuse to honor the other one because I purchased from a 3rd party vendor, have receipts etc doesn't matter. They said they would send out updated chargers.

They did not, and my new device after use will not hold a charge. I precharged all devices before turning on, etc. I followed their manual. 3 of 3 devices will not hold a charge, they say there is a fix but try as I might it doesn't happen.

Then the carts. Oh my, this is where the device fails hard. Leaky, leaky, leaky. Burned taste and lots of gurgling when working. I since switched to basic more modern design e cigs and tanks, and now realize how yesteryear their tech is. The wick and coil design was obsolete in 2010. Their e juice is also among the most expensive made in the market, and made in China. 15.99 for a 15ml bottle, average price for USA made juice is about $5 dollars for same.

Now its too late to get my money back. I spent over $200 in a month on the devices, carts and juice to quit smoking. I feel they took advantage, and after hours of research to find a device to replace my new faulty V2's, I found out just how ripped off I had been.

Save your money and run away. Get a cheap (and superior flavor, tank design, servicable, etc) Evod 2 for under 40 dollars and try that instead, move up from there if you stick with it. Don;t get ripped off on this device, carts are not serviceable, they leak, and you have to buy a whole new cart if anything goes wrong. They will not warranty carts because its listed as consumable. Even when they arrive DOA, they will not honor it. Poor product, poor customer service, even worse they lie. If anything goes wrong (and it will), you just have to eat the cost and move on, or frustrate yourself hoping for a working product which will never come.

On another note, they pushed me to a better product, which all told (juice, accessories, etc) was about 100 less than what I spent at v2.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "i don't want anything, cause v2 is just going to lie to me again. if one person see's this and chooses a proper device to quit smoking ($35 ego one, $20 evod glass, both entry level cheapies that work well), review well served" as the author lost $200. The author is overall dissatisfied with V2 Cigarette and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about electronic cigarette from V2 Cigarette was faulty devices, inferior quality and runaround , but reviewer liked online reviews of loose leaf cart. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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What vape did you end up getting?

Crown Point, Indiana, United States #1207878

I have taken 2 v2pro, series3 , back to the store I purchased it at..these r junk, plain & simple. The 1st one, just plain didn't work, the 2nd one, I plugged it in to charge it, & the magnet worked good, so good, it pulled the whole bottom out, so today, I exchanged it for another one, so I've had 3 of theses in about 2 months. DO NOT BUY, do UR homework, & remember, u get what pay for, these r 34.99


I had a similar situation with the Series 7. First one quit charging after 3 weeks.

Second one had charging issues out of the box. 3 weeks later it died altogether. Waiting on a 3 rd unit now.

It's a good idea on paper but the execution doesn't deliver. Wishing I could get my money back.


Making a post with an absolute statement ("Loose leaf style vaporizers do not work EVER.") is foolish.

I can state this with certainty, because I have a V2 Pro Series 3 sitting in front of me right now with a loose leaf cartridge that works just fine, exactly as expected, and aside from a few quibbles about how long it stays on before it powers itself off, and that it gets a bit too hot around the mouthpiece (be careful!), it's great.

On the other hand, I also have, sitting right in front of me, another V2 Pro Series 3 that was DOA, that I bought on ebay from another vendor, and it seems to charge, but produces NO heat whatsoever when turned on. I called V2, they gave me the same spiel as the author of this web review.

I also had receipts, gave them the name of the vendor on ebay (a commercial seller), and they politely refused to do anything to assist me with this dead unit. I went back to ebay and got a refund of my money via their arbitration system (the seller never responded to my refund requests, so ebay ruled in my favor by default). It took a few weeks to hammer out.

Note that I use loose leaf only.

I'm not interested in oils, waxes, liquids, and so the author here may be absolutely correct about the quality of the V2 Series 3 cartridges for those. My loose leaf cartridge works fine, albeit it's a bit of a pain to load up because of the small diameter of the chamber.

So caveat emptor, if you buy from anywhere but V2.


Loose leaf style vaporizers do not work EVER. The only acceptable way to use a pen is with oil.

You need a very high quality coil to work properly. These are the best I've found; http://www.ecosafeecig.com/Replacement-Coils-p/rc5.htm


Where did you purchase this pen?


Thought mine was faulty so I bought another just to have the same *** happen again. Really pissed at this product

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