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My girl friend and I are trying to stop smoking so we thought we would try the electronic cigerette. We looked around and read reviews and finally chose V2 e-cig. The product is first class and we have tried others. But their down fall is going to be they are always out of the menthol that my g/f smokes.

The last 5 times she has ordered they have been out so she would pick something else. When you place an order on line ( you can only order on line ) it doesn't tell you they are out, but they will send you a e-mail telling you they don't have it and no idea of when they will be in stock. I can see a company running out sometimes but shezzz they are always out.

Would I recommend the product ? YES, but plan on long shipping times and inventory shortages. Now customer service is good, friendly and helpful but the inventory is a real big problem.

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My mom and I have been smoking v2 cigs for around 4 months now, we order about once a month we order new cartridges and every time we get an email saying they are out of stock of our brand, the red 18mg. And they don't know when they will get them and they try pushing on us some of their other brands that just happen to be their least popular cartridges.

Then when we tell them to keep the order as is they ship them the next day. This out of stock thing is a scam to get rid of their over stock products that no one wants, next time tell them you want to keep the order and they will ship them right out.


company never has stock nor do they take responcibility for anything. I have cancelled my order and would never order from them again. what a rip off.


you can order by calling 877-378-2767 and talk to a person

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