V2 Cigarette - Vaporizer Review from Mountain View, California

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V2 Series 3 -- I got this as a gift for my birthday.At first I loved it. I soon found out the small metal filter clogs easily with the dry flower cartridge, so it must be cleaned continuously with alcohol & Q-tips. The tip is prone to falling off, the metal filter got lost after 8 weeks.At week 9, the unit has stopped taking a charge.The charge light indicates the pen is charged, however, when attempting to use it shuts off.I'm really sad about this, since I really really liked my V-2 series 3! I plan to contact the manufacturer.Rita

Product or Service Mentioned: V2 Cigarette Vaporizer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

V2 Cigarette - Not worth the money: Individual packages.


$6.00 in Indiana for the individually packaged one-use sticks.

It lasts about two cigarettes worth of puffs, and then doesn't work. It seems every time I buy one of these, the battery runs out, the juice leaks all over the packaging and I have to return it. I've refused several handed to me by clerks just to avoid the hassle, clearly pointing out it's defect.

No more. A pack of smokes is less than the cost of these and lasts three times as long. For around $200, you can have a vaporizer that lasts all day, and costs under $40 a month in juice and supplies. Going through three V2 or Blu one-time-use sticks a day is just plain ***. Buy from your local vape shop, or even better, order a trusted juice online.

Product or Service Mentioned: V2 Cigarette Vaporizer.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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