V2 Cigarette - Prroblems

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i buy my v2 3series a month ago when i charge my v2 and i take it away from the charger the led still green and doesnt vape. it only can vape when is conected to the charger!

and sometimes it doesnt vape even when is conected it vapes to if i take out the cartridge and i begin to vape without the cartridge then i put it inside and it begins to vape to but the green led nevers turn off i remember when i buy it the green led turns off and when you begin to vape it turns to a white led color.

i will aprecciate youre help.

Product or Service Mentioned: V2 Cigarette Vape Kit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

V2 Cigarette - V2 Pro Series 7 awful design and bad customer service

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I bought a V2 Pro series 7 with seven cartridges. All the cartridges caps broke after a few days use.

I did not even the chance to refill them. The customer service were awful. They only repeated "we do not have warranty on cartridges". I tried to join a forum in their website with the same topic, "broken caps on V2 Pro Series 7 cartridges" but they denied me to join.

I tried again to ask them to send me another membership link, but it seems they have added my email address to their black list!

I am registered but they deny me to sign in. Also my email address is called unavailable as soon as I try to get another link.

Product or Service Mentioned: V2 Cigarette Vape Kit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

V2 Cigarette - Vape Kit Review from Taos, Missouri


After initially purchasing the V2 EX battery starter kit and ordering 20 cartridges/pre-filled EX cartridges, I was a happy camper. No problems.

Good vape and no complaints. THEN I ordered the regular V2 cartridges, which were supposed to work (per their website) with the EX battery. I ordered the flavor sampler pack and 20 Strawberry Desire 12mg. Three of the 6 samplers didn't work.

I chatted online with V2 and I was told to troubleshoot the cartridges. I was to take the back off, manipulate the interior of the cartridge, reassemble and shake vigorously. One of them worked after this but tasted burnt. Call me crazy, (CRAZY!) but the reason to buy pre-filled cartridges is to avoid this hassel.

Then I started (trying) to use the Strawberry Desire. Again...I'm at about a 50/50 ratio. Maybe half of them work. I'm done with trying to troubleshoot them.

I did call customer service and they are sending me a new package. Not much hope at this point.

My advice...if you have spent the money on the EX battery...you're going to have to spend the money on the EX cartridges..... if you want them to actually work.

Product or Service Mentioned: V2 Cigarette Vape Kit.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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